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Initiated by teachers with 20 years of educational management.The teachers have a strong background with  more than 10 years of teaching experience. The school has gradually established a strong team between teachers and students. Due to the excellent teamwork, we have developed. We have received excellent feedback.

The school provides private tutors and after school and holiday programs for kids. This school is guaranteed to provide an excellent learning experience for the children. This school has an excellent language center. 

This school has a great teaching staff that is dedicated in providing the best learning experience for your children. 

This school provides multiple subjects that include: Chinese, English, mathematics, science, Japanese, Spanish, IB Chinese, physics, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Standard Course) and other excellent courses. This school provides excellent after-school classes and tutoring catered to your child’s needs.

Happy Study Team

Happy Study is the most dynamic mandarin language institution. This school has a strong team and resources to provide a great learning experience for your child. Happy Study provides university-level teaching resources and training to bring the best experience your child could ask for.

Happy Study

We are proudly committed to create a fun, effective and professional education center in NZ.