Best Teaching
Team in New Zealand

Happy Study

Happy Study is committed to create a fun, effective and professional education centre in New Zealand.

We value and inspire our student’s interest in learning, guide them to reach an effective learning outcome, encourage them doing more interaction in our class. Our teachers care for each student in our class.

Meet Our Teaching Team

  • All of our teachers are native speakers.
  • All of our teachers hold masters or PHD degrees majoring in language Teaching, Mandarin Teaching or Education.
  • All of our teachers have many years experience in bilingual teaching.

Eleanor Li

  • Master of Education, University of Auckland
  • Bachelor of Chinese Language and literature teaching, Xinan university of China
  • Mandarin teacher in Taupaki School of Auckland
  • 3 years’ experience in teaching Mandarin
  • Registered teacher in China

Sarah Wu

  • Master of Chinese Language, Renmin University of China
  • More than 10 years’ experience in teaching Mandarin and Mandarin as a Second Language in a university of China.
  • Certified National Mandarin Tester.
  • National Top Level in Mandarin speaking.
  • Advance Certificate in Teaching Mandarin as a second Language.

Our team is developing the most appropriate development strategy for our school and provides the best service to our students.

Our Purpose

A combination of fun and efficiency

To realize the normalization, specialization and standardization of extracurricular remedial courses, and to create high-quality courses.

Craftsman spirit, scholar attitude, first-class environment

In terms of content, we are more solid, more interesting… .

In teaching, we are more professional, more efficient… .

Our Teachers

Hi, my name is Lauren Mackenzie.

  • I help students to learn how to give English presentations easily and effectively.
  • I understand what it means to have stage fright, to see unfamiliar faces and lose your train of thought. I also know there are simple fundamental lessons that can equip any individual with the confidence and skills to deliver any message to any audience.  
  • If you would like to improve on your presentation skills, then allow me to be a part of your personal growth.

Abby & Hanna – Anime & Manga Teachers

Hello! We’re  identical twins that love anime and manga. We’ve been digitally drawing anime-style art for 10 years, and still strive to improve whenever we can!

As artists, we often take online art commissions and create our own passion projects. It makes us happy to know that anime is getting more popular these days, so we hope everyone can have fun learning to draw with us!



Native Spanish teacher, with more than ten years of teaching experience. 

 With various activities, she always encourages children to explore language while having fun.

              Dongyu Zhao

Team leader of  HappyStudy’s “Little Host” course

  • Bachelor of Broadcasting and Hosting – Sichuan Conservatory of music.
  • Master of Art Research  -Beijing Normal University.
  • Visiting professor – School of film and television art, Shenyang City University.
  • Visual director and language director in many TV shows.


  • Bachelor of Art – Communication University of China
  • Master of Management – Massey University
  • Host of New Zealand Chinese Radio (Fm 90.6), Beijing Radio and Xinjiang Radio.

Michael Feng

  • Before caming to New Zealand, Mr. Feng worked as a News Announcer in domestic radio stations. 

  • He holds a certificate of international Chinese teacher from the Confucius Institute. He has many years of international Chinese teaching experience,  and is especially good at pronunciation, recitation and other teachings.


  •  Master of Engineering, SRM University, India (ranking first among Private Universities in India)
  • Familiar with New Zealand mathematics syllabus and mathematics, science content and system
  •  Rich experience in teaching and tutoring.
     Unique classroom design and management skills in teaching children
  • Very amiable, the classroom presents in a variety of ways

Our Environment

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