Mandarin for Kids

It’s a HAPPY way to learn Mandarin with US for kids!

In Mandarin Learning, the most important thing is to develop and keep kid’s interest with fun. To provide a professional learning system and method also are essential. 

We confidently ensure that our expertise can make this process easier and enjoyable for your kids.

Our Teachers Are Specifically Trained to

  • Support children with the self-confidence to communicate quickly and naturally in a foreign language.
  • Show learning Mandarin can be recreational and fun!
  • Encourage an understanding of Chinese culture.

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Our classes are small (no more than 12) so that the children can have lots of exposure to Mandarin.

After-school and weekends lessons

Level 1 –Level 6

2019 Terms 

Term 1:  02/02—14/04

Term 2  29/04—07/07

Term 3  22/07—29/09

Term 4  14/10—15/1

We develop special holiday programs and workshops for kids to integrate Chinese culture such as Tai Chi, calligraphy, Mandarin painting and other activities into Mandarin learning.

2019 School Holiday Programs available!

Mandarin Holiday Programs

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