It’s a HAPPY way to learn Chinese with US !

In Mandarin Learning, the most important thing is to develop and keep kid’s interest with fun.

To provide a professional learning system and method also are essential. 

We confidently ensure that our expertise can make this process easier and enjoyable for your kids.

Our Teachers Are Specifically Trained to

  • Support children with the self-confidence to communicate quickly and naturally in a foreign language.
  • Show learning Mandarin can be recreational and fun!
  • Encourage an understanding of Chinese culture.

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Chinese Language Curriculum for volumes 1 to 8

Basic class: 4-7 years old school age children, starting from the simplest word reading.

Junior Class: children aged 5-8 years who have learned 1-2 volumes of Chinese or equivalent. Textbooks: 2 and 3 volumes of Chinese.

Senior Class: children aged 7-10 years who have learned 2-3 volumes of Chinese or equivalent Chinese level. Textbooks: 4 and 5 volumes of Chinese.

We also provide HSK Chinese proficiency exam courses, Chinese tutoring for IB.

Our professional Chinese teachers create a lively classroom atmosphere, offering “idiom, fables and stories” classes, so students overseas can also understand the depth and breadth of Chinese culture.

2020 School Programs available!

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